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Located in the San Francisco, California (Bay Area) is the newest informational and for sale resource for American Girl dolls and accessories. We are the nation's number one place to find low prices on new and used American Girl dolls and related products as well as information on the magazine, stores and more.

american girl doll display At Craigslist American Girl we carry the popular historical characters, girl of the year and widely searched for discontinued and rare accessories such as Kit's Tree House. Continue reading below to learn more about the Pleasant Company history including background of inventor Pleasant Rowland.

American Girl (Pleasant Company) Review

The American Girl doll is made by the Pleasant Company a division of Mattel. This includes a wide range of 18 inch dolls that are playable, educational and collectible. Along with dolls, American Girl makes accessories such as clothing, furniture and other products. Another part of American Girl's product offering is a unique magazine along with parties and events.

Company History

Inventory Pleasant Rowland created the American Girl brand back in 1986 focused on creating dolls that aimed at educating young girls about various periods of American history. This was done by creating period dolls such as an American Indian or Former African Slave with accompanying books that told the story of the time period through the eyes of an 8-12 year old girl.

In 1995 the Pleasant Company released more contemporary toys originally called "American Girls of Today" and the renamed to "Just Like You" and finally "My American Girl" today. These are customizable dolls that can have modified skin tone, faces, eye and hair color, hair length and texture and style. American girl also makes Bitty Baby dolls targeted for older toddlers and preschoolers. In 1998 Mattel acquired the Pleasant Company.

American Girl Dolls & Characters

American Girl Accessories
Besides dolls, American Girl makes a variety of clothing options both for the doll and girls sizes 3-20. Furniture including beds, tables, chairs, storage and other items are available along with a variety of play accessories.

Girl Of The Year
On top of the historical and custom characters, American Girl makes a popular and collectible Girl Of The Year model. This is a limited edition doll which is only available until the end of the calendar year or while supplies last. View the video below to see the 2013 Girl Of The Year Saige.

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